Add a new package in WHM

Add a new package in WHM

Before you can add new clients, you will first need to add a new package in WHM. Packages are what are used in your WHM account to add limits for certain hosting features such as storage, bandwidth, email addresses, databases and more.

Adding a new package in WHM is easy and only takes a few seconds. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WHM account. You can access your WHM account through your cPanel account by choosing the WebHost Manager option under the advanced section.
  2. Once logged in you can either use the Search option at the top of the left hand menu by typing “package” or scroll down the menu until you see the Add a Package menu option and click to enter.
  3. Choose a name for your new hosting package.
  4. Assign the required resources you wish to use for disk quota, bandwidth, email accounts, databases and more.
  5. Select any options from the Settings section of the form.
  6. Just before the end of the form you will see a checkbox for WHMReseller. By clicking the checkbox you will see the available options for your account and you can set these as needed*.
  7. Click Add to save your new hosting package. Once created you will see a popup confirmation.

If you need to add more packages you can do this by either clicking on the Add a Package option again or by simply editing the details on the current screen and by clicking add again to save the new package.

Please note: Due to the way WHM works, it is always recommended to create your WHM packages before you create a user accounts and certain features may not work on a customer account if that account was created before the package. SSH and Terminal access is one of example of this.

*The options available in WHMReseller will depend on your reseller hosting account.

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