Fix 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress

Fix 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress

If you encounter a 500 Internal Service Error this can be frustrating and maybe a little but daunting as it does not actually provide you with much information about what the problem actually is.

It also seems to indicate it is a server error which is not actually the case. A 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress is actually quite common, especially if a website has been moved between web hosts and is usually relatively quick and easy to fix.

It is usually caused by a conflict with the .htaccess file and can be fixed by using one of the two methods below:

  1. Rename the .htaccess file of the website which is showing the error. This can be renamed anything you like, however, we recommend something like .htaccess_backup so you can easily identify which file it is.
  2. Download a backup of your .htaccess file, this can be done on File Manager on cPanel or through FTP. After you have downloaded a backup, simply delete the .htaccess.
    After you have completed 1 of these steps, check your website again to see if it now loads correctly.

This should fix the issue in most instances, however, if you are still seeing the error yo may need to contact a web developer to help resolve the problem.

May 6, 2021
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