February 23, 2021

The Best Free WHMCS Modules In 2021

The Best Free WHMCS Modules In 2021

WHMCS is the worlds most popular billing and automation software for web hosts as it offers a huge range of features right out of the box including clients account and hosting setup, knowledgebase and in-built support ticket interface just to name a few.

As good as WHMCS is on its own, it can be extended to offer even better experiences for your customers or make things easier for you and your team. In this article, we will take a look at the best free WHMCS modules available to extend the features of your WHMCS installation.

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WSC Free

The first of these free WHMCS modules we will look at is WSC free. This free module allows you to collect sensitive personal data and login credentials from your clients from within a support ticket in an encrypted environment.

This means your clients will no longer need to add these credentials such as website, WHMCS or cPanel login details into the standard text box area and can instead use the specific areas provided by this module to keep their data safe and secure.

Below are some key features of the free WSC module for WHMCS:

  • Professional design
  • Credentials are fully encrypted in your database
  • Clients can update the credentials given at any time
  • Clients can withdraw access by deleting the credentials given
  • Support team members can import credentials and attach them to tickets
  • Search for credentials using the ticket number
  • Credentials are removed from the database once the ticket is closed
  • Admin notifications when a customer submits, updates, or deletes credentials
  • View customers credentials on support tickets
  • PHP 7.x
  • WHMCS 8.0.x (v1.5) & WHMCS 7.x (v1.4)

You can find full details of what this module offers and how to install it on your WHMCS installation after you have downloaded the module.


Live chat can be a great tool for your website, whether for sales, support or both and using the free tawk.to WHMCS module means you can also offer live chat from within your WHMCS installation.

This is another of the great free WHMCS modules that complements the standard website live chat widget meaning you can offer your live chat services anywhere on your website.

tawk.to is more than just live chat and includes other features such as:

  • Save time and simplify — monitor and chat with visitors on multiple websites from a single dashboard interface
  • Personalize greetings and share promos with Trigger messages based on your visitor’s location, past visits, page views, and more
  • Easily share answers to FAQs and provide self-help to customers with your own Knowledge Base — included in your free account
  • Create and assign tickets in a built-in support desk and ticketing system, making it easy to follow up and create outstanding customer experiences every time
  • See our full list of features to learn more

tawk.to is 100% free to use and is a great customer service tool for your web hosting business.


Site.Pro is another of the free WHMCS modules that allows you to offer a fully white-label website builder to your WHMCS installation allowing your customers to quickly and easily create their own website.

The free features include:

  • 100% White Label
  • On-Premises or Cloud
  • E-commerce included. Multilingual. 200+ templates (and custom templates)
  • Marketing Kit (we provide all necessary sales materials)
  • API documentation
  • Website Import. Mass Import (for On-Premises).
  • Website builder customization
  • Auto backup of builder files (for On-Premises)
  • Available on Nginx
  • Free Websites

There is a pro version available which offer more features.


This is another of the free WHMCS modules which provides you with the opportunity to expand your product offerings and earn additional revenue by adding the Logotron DIY logo maker to your WHMCS installation.

This allows your clients to create and purchase a logo at a price that is set by you.

This free module includes:

  • Readymade WHMCS storefront & client area integration
  • Support for frontend & API integration; available if you are using a custom website
  • Purchased logos available to customers in the Client Area
  • Complete installation and setup guide
  • A set of points for you to add to your Terms & Conditions to cover the logo maker services
  • Fully white label

Your client can choose between the Lite and Pro plans for their logo creation and you are charged a fixed price for each logo one of your clients buy.

WHMCS can be ordered as an addon for any of our reseller hosting plans or is included as standard on our VIP reseller hosting plans.


There are several free WHMCS modules available and all can have their own benefits depending on your needs or even your service providers. In this article, we take a look at the best free modules available which can benefit the majority of WHMCS users rather than concentrating on specific needs.

For more free WHMCS modules along with a huge range of paid and commercial modules, you can visit the WHMCS Marketplace.

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