How to create private nameservers?

How to create private nameservers?

If you have a reseller hosting plan with us you can create your own private nameservers to use on your account. These nameservers are created using your own domain name and will usually look something like this:

In order to create these private nameservers you will need to do this through your domain registrar. Different registrars have different processes so please view their own documentation or contact them directly to find out how to do this on their platform, however, you will need to point these nameservers to the IP address on your server or your dedicated IP address if you have taken out this option for your account.

In addition to different processors, some registrars have different name including:

  • private nameservers
  • custom nameservers
  • glue records
  • hostnames

These are all the same when it comes to creating your private nameservers.

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